Neutralising Acids

Introduction: Neutralising Acids

My instructable is for the up conning summer months as the wasp population will rise .... As when wasps sting they inject an acidic fluid which causes irritations and horrible blemishes on the skin so this scientific instructable may just help you x

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Step 1: "Ouch"

First of all you need to get stung by a bee ( don't do this intentionally as it does hurt as I found out today)

Step 2: "The Neutraliser"

Any toothpaste you have is an alkali which means it is the opposite to an acid (in basic terms ..... I don't want to bore you too much :/ ) but what the toothpaste does to the acid sting it will neutralise it therefor not causing any irritation on you skin as the Ph will be around 7, for an acid the Ph Is around 3 for a medium concentration and for a medium concentration alkali is around 10 so this method it neutralising it :)

Step 3: The Clean Up

It won't happen immediately but as the acid is being mixed it will be neutralised taking away the irritation which will get rid of the redness and the pain you might revive if you leave it ..... I hope this has helped and will help you for the up and coming spring/summer months :) let me know if you benefited from it :) peace

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