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Introduction: Never Forget What You Planted - Plant Labels

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Have you planted out a garden or trees and then you get the question: "So What is that?" It is about this time the brain says Guess. It means you guess - not the person who asked the question. Never again!!

This simple instructable uses things at hand to create labels so you are never lost for a name.

What you will need:

Old plant labels (from plant packs you bought)

Empty tins

Tin lids

12 X 20 mm offcuts

Chalk or wall board paint

Paint brush

Paint marking pens (enamel) 3 or 5 mm

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Step 1: Collect Your Blank Canvases - Sticks, Tins, Labels Etc

Collect whatever you want to use as the finished labels and the paint, paintbrush and paint stirrer. If using tins, squash the open end in a vice or with your foot. This forms a blade to dig into the ground.

Step 2: Painting

Paint both sides of the plastic labels to protect them from the sun and paint the tin ends and sticks. Leave the paint to fully dry before adding plant names using a paint marker (I got mine from Officeworks)

Step 3: Putting Out the Labels

Just one job left: put the labels with the plants. We use the lid part of the tin to nail onto the grape vine posts or punch a hole in the top and hang on a tree with a wire. You could paint up rocks or anything lying around. Be creative with folk art or stickers. Make sure that whatever you do, you protect your art from the sun. Check that your paint is UV protective and if not use a clear UV topcoat.

That's it, no more memory failures and each label is reusable by repainting.

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