Never Lose That TV Remote Again.


Introduction: Never Lose That TV Remote Again.

How many times have you wanted to change channel but can't find the TV remote?  In my household the answer is at least once a day.  It may be under a cushion, fallen under the sofa, under a magazine, in another room, eaten by the dog . . .  The possibilities are endless.  Here is a simple way of securing your remote so it is always in sight and easily accessible. 

All you need to do is to mix up a batch of a good strong epoxy adhesive and glue the remote to the TV.  This way you will always know where the remote is when you want to switch channels and it prevents anyone from walking off with it and leaving it where it can't be found.

The more technically minded of you may have noticed a flaw with this : The Infra-red signal from the remote has to be received by the sensor on the front of the TV.  Fear not - Because the infra red beam travels in straight lines and will reflect off objects you can adjust the angle before you glue the remote and should be able to find a point where the beam finds a path to the TV sensor.  (This may require the repositioning of chairs, tables, TV, etc in the room.)  Chindogu all the way.



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    good luck changing the batteries -_- :-D

    Haha, this reminds me of my father-in-law when he bought his first TV RC. The first day, his rule was "the RC must be always on top of the TV". Then, every time somebody want to change volume or channel, he had to get up, walk to the TV, using the RC right there and return to the seat.

    Back in the 1950s and 1960s I was my father's remote. The remote control as we know it did not yet exist. His favorite words during "family" TV viewing were, "While you are up, change the channel to..." My response was, "But, I am not up." His reply was always, "Then get up." Your solution to lost remotes is akin to my experiences as a youth. (I did not yet check the link you gave at the end of your Instructable.)

    gluing the remote to the tv kind of defeats the purpose (in my mind) When my kids were still home I got tired of finding the remote in the refrigerator or the bathroom so I glued a strong bright orange cord to the remote and attached it to the coffee table. With 2 teen girls I also had to leash the phone!

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