Never Misplace Your Keys (Belt Buckle Hook and Belt Strap Key-chain)




Introduction: Never Misplace Your Keys (Belt Buckle Hook and Belt Strap Key-chain)

My brother is always losing his keys around the house and I decided to make him a custom key chain with matching key hook.
I was going to toss an old belt of mine and then I saw this contest and was inspired!

Belt of any material (I used leather)
Measuring tape
Large needle and thick thread
Thimble or I used a Chopstick to push needle through leather
For display I used a piece of card board and thumb tacks. I did not put it up in his room yet.

Step 1: Measure and Cut

Measured and cut both pieces the buckle piece measuring 5 inches and the other about 7 inches

Step 2: Time to Sew

Using the belt piece with the holes I folded over one end to make the key chain. I left about an inch a half to put a key ring through and began to sew. I sewed the belt piece until it was firmly attached to itself. I used two different types of stitches (running and overcast) and used the chopstick to help push the needle through the leather.

Step 3: Cool Keys

I had my brother pull on it as hard as he could and the stitching held up. Next I affixed the buckle to the wall (cardboard for show) and easily slid on the belt keychain. He loves it and is going to screw it into the wall placing one screw at the top inside of the buckle and through the bottom on the leather. In the pictures I forgot to take one of me making the original so I used pictures of the one I made my dad, he loved it so much he wanted one also!

A few of the pictures are added in case you want to make more.

Using scissors to puncture a buckle hole and using scissors to round out the end.

Have FUN! and enjoy!!

Betabrand Belt Reuse Challenge

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Betabrand Belt Reuse Challenge

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