Never Lose Your Wacom Sticky Feet




Introduction: Never Lose Your Wacom Sticky Feet

About: I'm broke :( Must resort to glue instead of solder.

Those damned Wacom sticky feet aren't glued solidly enough to the Wacom and i lost two of them. Time to fix that!

Step 1: You'll Need

You'll need:
-A Wacom
-Sticky pads (i call them feet. hope you noticed by now)
-Super strong glue! Make sure it won't damage the plastic or eat through the sticky pads. Also, be careful with the glue.

Step 2: Glue Stuff

Remove the sticky pads off the wacom
Remove any left-off glue (snot-like glue!)
Put only a bit of glue on the wacom. Less than 2mm² is perfect.
Glue the sticky pads on the wacom. Don't glue your fingers together.

Yay! Sticky pads are forever now.



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    Why not just use plastic bumpers for cabinets, 24 cost about $2. they are really sticky, and should last as well as they are made of a silicone and prevents movement. i used it on my chill pad to add height to the already in place rubber feet. I used them on both sides and it increased the airflow.

    i just took all of the feet off mine, i got a graphire 2 but i lost the little pen holder clip i need to replace the tip - instructable? what is yours a graphire 3 or an intuos?

    1 reply

    graphire. dunno how to replace the pen nib, but i'll make an instructable if i have to someday.


    11 years ago

    If you lose the little feet or if they're too gunked up or whatever, you can use a slice from a pencil eraser as a reasonable substitute. You'll replace them more often since they're not exactly long-lived, but they're cheap and readily available.

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    Reply 11 years ago

    Then i'd advice against using superglue :p

    You know, I tried this with the rubber feet on my laptop, and it didn't work. Why? Because the problem is that the original glue softens with heat and age. If you just glue them back on, then there is a layer of old glue between the rubber and the new glue. The rubber foot just breaks off again, leaving hardened superglue stuck to the device. To make this work at all, you need to include a step to clean the old glue thoroughly off the rubber feet. But even then, rubberisers will gradually leech out of the rubber causing them to break away from the hard superglue (like how your glued-together fingers come apart when you sweat). This is why they use this crappy glue to stick the feet on in the first place - it's soft glue, so it can absorb some rubberiser and stay sticky.

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    Thanks. I'll add the remove-old-glue step later, i have to go to work. Be assured that i didn't leave the glue on (i probably forgot to add the step; it timed out on me once)