Neverland Bedroom Mural





Introduction: Neverland Bedroom Mural

This is a mural that a painted in my daughters room a few years back. It's a relativly small room so i figured that I could paint the whole thing top to bottom. It was a very ambitious project and unfortunatly we had to move before I could put some of the finishing touches on it. Paint can be expensive but if you find oops paint at Walmart, Homedepot, Lowes or any hardware that messes up mixing paint, you should cut your costs down.

I cleared the furniture out and pushed anything left over in the center and covered it with drop cloths. I taped off the bottom and top of all four walls as well as the doorway, closet and around the window. I then spackled out all of the holes in the walls with $2 plaster. I had tons of reference material from childrens books to interenet images and I had photos from the ride at Disneyland too.

Masking tape is my freind! I used it quite a bit but as far as everything else most of the paint I got was $1-$5 oops paints fromt the home depot! With a enough primary and basic colors you can mix your own pallette with whatever you need. Regular spraypaint was used for the gradient sky, clouds and mountain mist. I threw a towel on the the doorway, wore my resperator and painted when nobody was home



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    I wish I could paint my walls... :) this is really pretty, I've always been a fan of Peter Pan. :)

    This is amazing!! I wish I had that kind of talent! If you were in my area I would hire you to do my nursery....I was thinking of neverland as well....possibliy the airiel view of the neverland island....are you in my area? So. Cal.... :)

    Psyure, the room is AMAZING! I'm so jealous of your daughter(s)!!! I would love my room to look like that right now! Bravo, it's incredible! You have so many elements from Peter Pan!
    Absolutely amazing!

    I would have loved a room like that when I was young! And you had to move? I'd hate to have to leave that behind. I f only I had an empty room now, unfortunately it's full to the rafters

    Amazing and Inspiring!! Would love to know how you incorporated the window blinds so seamlessly!

    Lack of comments makes me mad! I understand that it's not so much "instructions" as it is a "check this out" article...but still! What talent! You did an incredible job!

    Great Job Psyure. I love how you included actually small features like the switch plate in this piece of art.