New and Improved Version of How to Play Paper Football

Introduction: New and Improved Version of How to Play Paper Football

Step 1:

Set the football half way on the table. The person why is starting can kick off in two ways. Put there hand under it and make it go in the air, or hit it with there hand, moving there hand towards the table.

Step 2:

The ball should land around the middle of the table. Player 2 should hit it back. The goal of the game is to get it to go off the table a little, but not off all the way

Step 3:

If you get it off a little, as shown, that's a touchdown worth 6 points. If you hit it off the table, and it goes on the floor, your opponent get to try a field goal. You try to flick it through there finger field goal. If it goes in, the person who flicked it is rewarded with 3 points. If not, put in kickoff position and kickoff.

Step 4:

After a touchdown, you can kick a field goal (worth 1 point) or set the football about 2 inches from the edge. If you get a touchdown, it's worth 2 points. If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Well I liked it and it's not bad. We tried it but Howcast said when it went off the table, you should throw it with your palm. Palm, not the whole hand. You throw it to a spot you would like him to kick a goal. Then make sure he likes the pose.