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I guess you already know that the official instructables app is not in Android playstore and apple store anymore. The instructables stated that they unpublished their app because they couldn't maintain it anymore. The app was good and most users of instructables used it rather than loading instructables on a browser.

So here is my attempt to bring it back, this app is never as cool as official instructables app, but I'm hoping it will help you to view and publish instructables projects a bit easy.

If this app gets more users, i will continue improving it.

Features of this app

  • Mobile mode

This mode loads the mobile version of instructables website

  • Desktop mode

This loads PC version of the website

  • Night mode

This mode applies a dark theme throughout the app, makes it easier to view instructables at night.

  • Easy navigation links

App version: 1.0

Size: 3MB>

Last Updated:

For Android: 4.1 and Up.

Download it here

Download it here

Please let me know what you think in the comments

Because of the custom useragent enforcement to keep the mobile mode stable, you can see your device set as nexus in mobile mode.



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    1 year ago

    Not bad. The night mode has some problems, but the normal mode works well. There's also the added advertisements, but you did make the app. Log in works, so that's good. However, for some reason the app is registering itself as a Nexus S, which I'm guessing is your phone. I'm not quite sure whether I'm going to use your app or the old app.