New Bedroom

The beginning of a process can be daunting, but you never finish if you never start.

Many people try to redo a room in their house, but find that its too hard, or don't know how to start. Read through to find out how.

Step 1: Getting Started

First, you need to decide if you’re choosing to completely redoing your room, or just a small part of it. Remember, redoing even a small portion of a bedroom has a large impact.

There are many ways to have a big impact from a small change in decor. Painting a nightstand, bookshelf, or other pieces of minor furniture can change the look of any space. My personal favorite is redoiing a lamp, as shown in the picture from

Reupholstering is another way to make a large change in a bedroom, and you don't have to splurge on fabrics. If you don't have any spare fabric lying around the house, you can always go to garage sales, just make sure to wash it first! Keep in mind, reupholstering a cushion or two does the job, you don't have to go for the wing back chair. Keep it simple, like a wooden headboard.

Step 2: Planning

If you want to redo the entire room, make sure to plan first. Don't rush into things, you may end up regretting it later. Choose a Color palate first, and then go for the more drastic changes. Remember to refer back to the colors you chose to create a more cohesive look. I would start by drawing a blueprint of where you want to move your furniture.

Redoing sections of your room is a way to have a high impact, while not being as committed as a large scale redo. They are also much more budget friendly. However even these requires a plan.

First, pick a part of the room to redo. I find that redoing places of high attention create the largest impact. I chose the area around my bed, because it is where attention lands first in my room.

Next, gather inspiration, or create an end goal. I recommend using Pinterest or Instructibles, although Instructibles is most definitely easier for us inexperienced folk. Pinterest is great, but it has a wide array of pictures with seemingly magical transformations. (I’m a Harry potter fan, but I don’t know a charm that can make a backpack out of a piece of fabric in two steps.) I wanted to make the area around my bed into a dreamy, cozy space.

Then, with end goal in mind, get everything you need to accomplish your goal. I got a piece of fabric about 3 feet wide, six feet long at a garage sale for $3. I also found a fuzzy teal blanket, and a few throw pillows from target for under $30.

Step 3: Action

Finally, after all the planning, its time to put your plan into action. In my case of redoing a small portion, I changed my bedding, threw on some new pillows, and hung the piece of fabric from my ceiling using a few pushpins. I hung the fabric in three sections, pinned to the ceiling causing a draping effect. It makes the space look a lot cozier. Then I changed my lamp for a more drastic change.

If you want to do a full scale redo, start by moving everything to the center, or out of the room. Then paint, and put the large peaces of furniture back first, then smaller pieces and accents.

Remember, making changes isn’t as hard as you think- just have a little patience, and lots of motivation.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for sharing! Do you have any photos that you have taken to explain the process more? Have you redone a room before?

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, I have redone a room before, and I will look around for more detailed photos. Thanks for the feedback!