New! Blade and Multi Tool Collection

Introduction: New! Blade and Multi Tool Collection

About: I have many things, tools, and weapons that would be useful in the zombie apocalypse. If you love zombies an survival, follow my account and my YouTube: masonbaack

If you have seen my earlier weapon collection, you can obviously tell some new stuff has come in. But also some things have stayed. If I get 50 favorites, I will do a ranged weapon collection!

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Step 1: Throwing Knives.

These are my HIBBEN CUSTOM DESIGNED throwing knives and I am very glad about the strength and easiness of throwing abilities. I recommend them to anyone who wants to learn to throw knives, but at the same time have inexpensive, great knives.

Step 2: Single Knife.

For a knife that is sharp, full tang construction, and old. There is no other knife I would rather have, especially since it was handed down through my family.

Step 3: Deer Cleaning Kit

RMEF makes great knives. Check this set out and maybe buy one if you are looking for incredibly sharp blades.

Step 4: Hatchet and Knife

These were hand made by my great grandfather and handed down through the family. Nothing to say except for I love this set.

Step 5: Pocket Knife (EDC)

A small and fang shaped, half serrated blade that is great for the price of $2.50! Check them out at your local army/navy store.

Step 6: Main Multi Tool

Best multitool for the price. ($30) It comes with a steady sheath and built in flashlight. Spring loaded pliers with small serrations for extra grip.

Step 7: Small Fisher Man's Tool

Nail clippers, scaling knife, and hook. Nice for the size and weight.

Step 8: Eddie Bauer Multi Flash Tool

This is a cool flashlight multi tool combo. I recommend this to anyone who likes small cheap multi tools.

Step 9: Very Small EDC Pocket Knife, Not Many Tools But Good for Every Day Things.

Tiny Swiss Army multi tool with enough functions to make me buy another. I recommend this to someone who wants a multitool, that is a great brand, but doesn't want to spend much.

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    MMB Survivor
    MMB Survivor

    5 years ago

    I am sorry for this not being a DIY, I like to share my stuff on instructables. I am sorry if this upset you.


    5 years ago

    This is not an instructable telling someone how to do something , flagging as spam

    MMB Survivor
    MMB Survivor

    5 years ago

    Sorry for the mistake, I meant 20 favorites!