New Born Blue Raglan Sweater

Introduction: New Born Blue Raglan Sweater

This sweater is made

with the colour of the sky « blue » light and warm perfect for a new born

I made it for my nephew ,i used soft light wool 2 ply 50g/skein

Materials :

Soft yarn 2ply (around 50g) i used a skein and half

DPNS (2 .5and 3mm).

Stitch markers.

Abbreviation :

CO : cast on

St sts : stockinette stitch

Sts : stitches

PM : place marker

SM : Slip marker

Rm : Remove marker

M1 : make 1 stitch (increase one stitch)

K2tog : knit 2 stitches together

BO : bind off

Ribbing pattern (2x2) :

*K2,p2* repet from* to* until you finish the row

Gauge :

10 sts *10 rows = 1 x1 in

The pattern:

Co 60 sts

Start ribbing pattern 2x2 for 6 rows with 2.5mm DPNS

After you finish ribbing ; change to 3mm DPNS

Row 7 : k10,pm, k10,pm , k20,pm ,k10, pm, k10.

Row 8 : knit until marker, M1, SM, M1, knit to marker, M1, SM, M1, knit to marker, M1, SM, M1, Knit to marker, M1, SM, M1, K to the first marker. (68 Sts)

Row9 : K all Sts.

Repeat rows8-9 for 12 times ( until you have 164 Sts)

Sleeves :

K,rm, place sleeves sts on sts holder, rm, k, rm, Place sleeves sts on sts marker,k

Continue working the body with St sts until the piece measures 9 cm from the arm holes

Work ribbing sts (2x2) for 6 rows with 2.5mm DPNS


**Divide sleeve sts on DPNS equally, CO 4 sts in the middle of the bottom darm place marker to mark the beginning of the round and joint hem

Knit around 4 cm

The next row : knit to the last 2 sts before marker, k2tog

Next row : work with St sts until sleeve measures 9 cm in total (from arm hole)

Work 4 rows in ribbing pattern with 3mm DPNS

BO all sts. ( do the same for the other sleeve).

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Step 1: Finished Garment

Step 2: Final Step

do some embroidery like i did with the sheep ( some basic embroidery and french knots)

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