New Ideas for Old T-Shirts (part 1)

Introduction: New Ideas for Old T-Shirts (part 1)

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When I thought of this instructables 'new ideas for old T-shirts' I had a few ideas so I have decided to split it in to parts. For part 1(this part) I will be showing you some ideas to put on old T-shirts with fabric pens.

These are my ideas so if you could not cope them exactly that would be appreciated. XD

Step 1: Things You Will Need

For this instructables you will need:

Fabric pens (colours of your choice)

Old T-shirts


Pegs / bobbie pins / paperclips

Lets get started!!!!!!!

Step 2: First Things First

Get your cardboard and place inside the T-shirt secure with pegs or the other things I mention make sure it is tight at the front. This will make it easier to draw on or you won't get the best results.


My 'Summer Time' design went a bit funny as I didn't clip the cardboard at all.

Step 3: Design

For my designs I chose to do 1 worded one 2 picture ones and 1 with words and pictures on it.

My designs are 'Summer Time' written in calligraphy, a ice-cream, a cookie and 'Beach Day' with a picture of a bucket and spade.

Make sure to draw out your designs first on paper to achieve the best results.

Step 4: Make It a Reality

Now get to work on those T-shirts they aint going to do it them selves!!!

Step 5: Summer Time

Step 6: Ice-cream

Step 7: Cookie

Step 8: Beach Day

Step 9: Almost There...

Now to seal in the patterns iron the T-shirts! WARNING: If you are a child please ask your mum, dad or guardian to help!!!

Step 10: FINISHED!!!! XD

This is the best part! Now you can wear your beautiful T-shirts out and about! I hope you enjoyed this and please shear your comments and designs in the comment section below! I love to see if my stuff works out for you guys!

Also if you have any ideas on what intractables I should do that would be greatly appreciated! :D

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