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Introduction: New Knex Ball Machine

Hey everyone, I have been working on this ball machine since April and now it's finally finished. Looking for some name suggestions. It's over six feet tall and has five paths.



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    Nice ball machine check out mine

    That's great!
    i notice a lot that when people do big ball machines (especially with 5 or more paths) that they always seem to make them too compact and dense for anyone to actually be able to begin to understand it, especially if they are watching a video.
    But this one is perfect. You had it spread out enough to not be the size of an entire room, but at the same time make it interesting to watch. Oh, i also like the switch that you have there, did you design it yourself?

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    Yeah I try to keep it spread out enough so it is view-able but still uses space well. No, the switch is from bezempje95 on youtube.

    really great job!!
    its frustrating that this is just in your house. i wish there was a way you could get this onto display so that people could enjoy it live rather that just in video. hospitals pay a lot of money for sculptures like this. sick kids can watch these for hours without getting bored. so much more interesting than a fish tank.

    great job!

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    I completely agree. This is way to amazing to look at in a video (which was very enjoyable by the way).

    Oh my god. This is the best K'nex creation I've ever seen. Just dug up my old rollercoaster set and this is just the inspiration I needed.

    cool! what do you think about Catalysis; Elevation almost got that name.

    Metropolis is more intense than this thing but I think that using your time up to build this is worth it. I think you should call Terminator.

    Nice ball machine man! I have a couple suggestions for names like, Configuration, Andromeda, or cantankerous.