New Knex Gatling Gun

About: My name is Miles "Tails" Prower, but on YouTube you can sadly not edit your name. I like Knex guns, and I also love my ordered All Terrain Trekker Knex motors! Everyone wants that motor and I got one 3 days ...

Knex gatling gunThis is my brand new gun. It's pretty cool, and it works well.
Instructable is posted when asked.


-16 rounds
-pretty reliable
-Looks like a BEAST
-And it even has a TRUE TRIGGER!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Um, the youtube vid says you closed your account! Why isn't there even a pic?


    10 years ago on Introduction

    first off al thats not a real trigger and second its just a remake of the dozons of gatling guns doesnt even has a proper bullet holder chain or something this is not wurth lots of points if you ask me

    5 replies
    An VillainT3453R

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Gattling guns have a 1up on chain-guns as they can achieve a faster firing rate because the wheel cannot get messed up and tangled, but the chain guns have a 1up on gattling guns because they can have more shots il less space.


    First off: IT IS a real trigger. You will have to pull it otherwise it'll not shoot. A trigger that you pull like a normal pistol. Second: I first didn't even know there were so much gat's. And a bullet holder is not nessecary, you can also put the bullets in your pocket. And chain is flimsy. It is worth more points than those bullcrap not real trigger guns.


    ok then you and i have diferent ideas about real triggers .....
    and i wasnt critesizing you
    i just ment you *might* try to be a bit more creative


    I wasn't noticing that this is a sear trigger. It is a true trigger connected to a block trigger. And uh... I don't make machine guns anymore, they're not practical enough.

    Why not? There are some people who want instructions! Plus: A gun does not have to be so difficult! You can also make a simple one, that actually works the same as an difficult one! Plus: If you like you can make 2 of them, they are single handed!

    eeh, you can see i know that from looking at my guns......... no, the only "single handed" guns are semi-autos and perfect duck's dual pistols

    True. And I just made a TRUE semi auto pistol... Based off of extreme builder's design. It's also pretty powerful for the semi-auto.