New Knex Gun Low-friction/high Strength Mech



Introduction: New Knex Gun Low-friction/high Strength Mech

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I made this to hopefully bring a bit more innovation back into knex guns as I've seen a lot of recent guns fall back into the same old pattern of a chamber made of connectors attached parallel to the ram, with usually a release mech based on a connector rotating and releasing from a cut part or some angled grey clip braced against a blue rod. The problem with that design is that it doesn't really align the ram with the ammo, can't hold nearly as much force on the ram (limiting rubber band count), and ends up creating a lot of friction and limited range. This mech uses connectors aligned perpendicular to the ram, and a vertical release to fire the ram, meaning it aligns with the ammo better as well as allows a ton more pressure to be but on the ram because of the enclosed release system. I hope everything you need to know about how it works and is made is in the pictures. I know it isn't that clean a design as it's more a proof of concept at this point. Comment if there is anything I missed or is unclear from the photos. Please tell me if anyone has already used this mech as I'd be surprised if it weren't considering it's simplicity.

Update one: with a single band (no idea how old or what type, I do know it took about 1 or 2 pounds to pull back) I was able to fire a blue rod about 30 ft

Update two: DO NOT BUILD THE MENTIONED GUN AND BUT BANDS ON IT WITHOUT TAPING THE RAM AND CLIP TOGETHER. I put a grey piece on the ram to stop it from firing out of the barrel and had both it and the orange clip hit me in the face fast enough to cause a scratched cornea. tape the orange connector to the black rod if you intend to try it at all. I should have at least a functional shell of a gun within a week, though beautifying something like this in any short period of time isn't really my strongsuite.

Update three: Does anyone have any idea why this shows up as having been published three days before it actually was?

Update four: sent a sharpened rod through my sheetrock and got my knex taken away, so probably can't do much more in the way of testing and design for a few days



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in hindsight pretty much just made to be my first valid ible :p

This is interesting, but I have a couple of tips. First, try to make it so the pin is blocked further back, this will let the pin gain more speed, shooting the ammo longer distances. Along the same lines, you also don't want the ammo be so close to the pin block, as the pin will hit the ammo before it gets enough speed. Also, if the ammo is just slight hit, rather then pushed, it will shoot better. I do like that you are attempting to reduce friction and stuff, but a gun with lots of friction can still work well if it has a long pin pull and hits the bullet instead of pushing it. I hope that this helps.

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ok, I made it mostly to demonstrate the vertical pin release, I think it could pretty easily be used along with a tr-like drum magazine, and I'm thinking that if the guides were set up properly it could be used to have a slingshot-like guide for the firing pin with a moving connector at the end of the pin that would both let the pin slide, as well as having it slide as an assembly like a bolt. It's hard to describe but i think the best example would be the firing pin as the end of an open bolt gun, where the bolt slides forward as well as the pin once the bolt cant go any further. If they pushed off of each other it could theoretically reach double the speed. the verical mech would be needed for the pin though, and the recoil would be a lot more than other guns.

Interesting. I think I understand. :)

I don't think that recoil would be much of a problem on it. Never built a knex gun with uncomfortable recoil.

i think that would be a completely different gun that i came up with...but recoil wise it would be a fair amount since it would be a large bolt with a pin inside for that, so about half a pound of weight or more.

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