New Knex Guns Coming!

About: I am a guy from Holland, and i love knex and lego, for knex, especially guns. BTW thnx to all my 40 subbers, you guys rock =D expect more from me.

Hello there!
yes, I've been non active on instructables for some time, but that's because I was working on some new guns! here they are:
the M9,
the Mini-Uzi
and the R700 (yay!)
for all guns, on the photo's there are:
the gun (duh)
and if I've made some: attachments.
and yes for the ones who want to say post!, they are all gonna be posted, but it will take time, especially the R700
I got better rubber bands, and now my bullet, with fins got to 125 METERS! W00T!
I counted the pieces needed for the R700, so you can prepare yourselves for the ible:
Dark Gray: 35
Light Gray: 11
Red : 34
Orange: 14
Yellow: 185 (glp...)
Green: 20
White: about 46, im not totally sure
3D- Blue: 14
Green: 232 (Credo, Latin for i fall dead :D, yes, i follow Latin )
White: 190 (choke!)
Blue: 50
Yellow: 4
Red: 3
Gray: 1
Tan clip: 2
Blue spacer: 6
Silver spacer: 10
Y-Clip: 14
Orange Clip (rollercoaster clip)
Wheel: 24 (not necessarily)
TOTAL: 964

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    DJ Radio

    9 years ago on Introduction

    Might be better if you angled the handle, then put a mag in front of the trigger instead of the handle.

    1 reply

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    thnx! o by the way, for your info, the uzi can fire 1 round with a bit power, about 3 meters, or 2 rounds for about 6 meters and 3 rounds for 9-10 meters :) the R700 makes up for its name, it's range depends on your rubber bands, but with very good ones it can make 120 feet :D