New Mattress Pillowtop

Introduction: New Mattress Pillowtop

The Beautyrest has been feeling like a dual trough, with a hump in the middle we both would like to sleep on because the foam is still fluffy. The cost of a new mattress either traditional or foam seemed unnecessary if only the pillow top had gone bad.

Step 1: Idea: Replace the Pillowtop Instead of the Mattress

While shopping at Costco, I saw the "Novaform 3" Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper" was on sale. I reasoned that I could cut the pillow top off the old mattress and use the memory foam in its place. The price is a very reasonable risk as an alternative to $700 to $1400 king mattress prices.

Plan for two days to let the foam expand in a spare room and let the smell decrease.

Step 2: Grab Your Utility Knife and Hope for the Best

I do not advocate this unless you plan to replace your mattress if this project fails.

Inspect your pillow top and make a test cut above as many seams as possible to investigate your mattress. My Beautyrest was exactly as hoped, having a material layer separating the coils from the foam topper.

Cut above the seam all the way around the mattress and set aside the old pillow top.

Step 3: Place the Memory Foam on Your Mattress

Lay the material used to pack the memory foam down as an extra layer on top of your mattress to protect the memory foam. Center the memory foam on your mattress, a helper is recommended. The Novaform kit includes a cover very similar to a mattress pad, install it next and tuck well under the mattress.

Step 4: Put Your Mattress Pad Back in Place Over the Memory Foam

Install your old mattress pad and stand back to admire, then give it a test!
Make your bed and prepare to enjoy.

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    i spent a lot of money on a pillowtop that is just too soft... are pillowtops all generally constructed like yours? Or would doing this be very risky?


    Reply 4 years ago

    Just saw your question. To be honest I'm not sure. Mine had an obvious look of being separate, and a pretty small cut to peek inside was how I managed the risk.


    4 years ago

    I like smell new mattress.