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Introduction: New Nerf Guns

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This slide show will be updated every time i come across a new nerf gun on the internet



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    I WILL PAY SOMEONE TO SHIP ME AN ALPHA TROOPER. We don't have Target in Canada.....But on the upside, what gun do you guys think would look good with the Trooper's shield on it?

    how does the spectre barrel fit on the maverick? i have heard this elsewhere, but haven't seen a video proving it.

    this is rough prices from the last thing i heard

    Stampede: $60 (ish)
    Alpha: $30 (ish)
    Spec: $25(ish)
    BB: $25 (ish)

    no offense but sawing it off would be pointless, it wouldnt increase range, it would look stupid, and it would be alot harder to prime the gun, nice idea though darth.