New Paracord Bracelet

Introduction: New Paracord Bracelet

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This bracelet is a modification of a fishing knot I use frequently and seeing how everyone and their mom now has an instructable on how to make a cobra weave bracelet i thought its about time for something new
This bracelet is a quick deploy bracelet if you know how and you can increase the length of cord you can carry by adding more inside folds


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Step 1: Beginning

Get about 5' of paracord and a way to cut and burn the edges
Take about 8" and fold like in the picture

Step 2: Wrapping

Take the long end and fold it parallel to the other two and bring it across them
Then start wrapping till you run out of cord

Step 3: Tying Knots

Feed the end of the wrapping end through the small loop at the end and pull the opposite to close the loop just work it till the whole thing is tight
Then tie a figure 8 on the other side and put it on keep adjusting it till it fits

Step 4: Quick Deploy

Grab the loop you made and pull and in thread the loop now just pull on the end of what used to be the loop

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    6 years ago

    I'm sorry you found this hard to follow before I post any thing I check and make sure that any one can follow it by running it by friends and family did you follow the instructions after the pictures they explain the pictures


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I just learned the fish bone and I used instructables to learn the paracord bracelet ,thanks to those whom shared what they learned ,but really using black paracord is nearly impossable to learn ,you went from some kind of knot to a picture of a picture of this bracelet completed ! Now have to watch some video's on this close even when their simple . Not everyone had the instruction you have had ,so keep that in mind on next article you write !


    6 years ago

    Feel free to let me know where I can improve this design and improve it yourself