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Introduction: New Power PCB

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Hello everyone ..I have news on the Particle shield front ..I have developed and have manufactured 3 different shields for the particle

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Step 1: Soldering the Power Shield

ok the Following are directions on how to solder the Power shield together ..I left out the relays for now .. but you get the idea ....

Step 2: Soldering the Board

Place the first Part in The board bending the wires over so it doesn't fall out .. It's best to use a clear flux solder but I didn't have any so I used what I had
..working from the inside of the board solder each piece in ..being careful to pay attention to the capacitor negative sides and the diode directional stripe..

After everything is soldered comes the most important step


The most important thing is to meter out your board ..meter out eveything .. from the pin headers to the wire connectors .. make sure you have continuity (tone if you meter has that or if it reads 0 it means there is a connection ..

Power up the board with a 120 to 24 VAC transformer ..easily found anywhere max 24 VAC ..
Meter your inputs and your outputs ..


Step 4: So the Shields That I Developed Are .... the Particle Screw Shield (my Prototype Was Debuted in a Previous Project)

Step 5: The Particle Power Shield Which I Will Demonstrate in This Project Over the Next Few Days ..

the basic premise of this shield is that you can have an input of 24 volts AC and an input of 12 volts DC both are converted to 5 volts DC for the Particle Photon and Electron ..

Step 6: The Third Shield Is for the Particle Pi ..I Developed This Shield With Proper Lables So There Is No Guessing

Step 7: Kickstarter ...Cheap Way to Get All the Shields

All these shield are available from me either through Amazon or a cheaper way to get one is through my Kick starter Campaign..which is closing in 9 days

Step 8: The Junction Box I Show Cased in Another Project

As you can see in the junction box I had 2 separate power supplies powering up my project ..Now no power supplies ..Just one board..I added a I2C LCD screen for serial monitoring ..


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