New Rabbit Condo Upgrade

Intro: New Rabbit Condo Upgrade

Hey guys, I haven't posted an instructable in a long time. So here is Oreo's cage newly improved. And now, Oreo has been living with me for 4 great months.

Step 1: The Beginning of the Upgrade

So, instead of newspaper for the floors, I first used cardboard and made a design in the middle. So first, what you do is measure the entire bottom and cut out all the measurements of the cardboard. Cut one more. Then, cut the design in the middle and your done. What I did for extra design is that I put a black place mat in between the 2 cardboards.

Step 2: The Final Upgrade

So, after a couple of weeks later. Oreo was scratching the cardboard making it look like a mess. So, I added a rug to make it look nicer and so that Oreo does not get soar hawks. And untill next time guys, see you later.

P.s., do you guys think I should make YouTube videos about pet care and other wacky fun stuff? If so, type on the comment a yes or a no. And if most of you say yes, I will notify you guys what my account will be. Bye!!!



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    4 years ago

    Your rabbit is cute