New Slipcovers From XXL Sweatshirts for $12




Introduction: New Slipcovers From XXL Sweatshirts for $12

1. Bought 6 new white XXL sweatshirts from the flea market for $2 each.
2. Washed and dried them for shrinkage.
3. Put cushions inside, measured them to fit snugly so they wouldn't be baggy when sat on, marked sewing lines.
4. Sewed along sewing lines. 
5. Sewed box corners by flattening the corners and sewing 5" triangle-base seams (the height of cushions)
6. Put in zippers for closure (snaps, velcro, etc. could be used instead).
7. Put the cushions back in to be sure they were smooth and snug; removed the cushions.
8. Cut off the excess fabric, leaving a 1-inch seam allowances.
9. Put the cushions back in
10.Enjoyed my new covers-- which cost a total of $12!

Note:  I love these XXL sweatshirts.  They could be used for any number of projects, such as messenger bags, laundry bags, jackets, skirts, kids clothes...

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    1 year ago on Introduction

    I love this! I have a kitty who suddenly decided to shred my love seat, and making a cover appeals to me. I can't believe those were once sweatshirts, I bet they are so comfy too!

    I'm so going to be so addicted to this site! :0) Thank you, I'm going to keep my eyes open for bargain sweatshirts! (I had totally forgotten about the flea market! )