New Storable From Six-Pack Bottle Carrier

Introduction: New Storable From Six-Pack Bottle Carrier

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For years I’ve stored my knitting needles in a freezer-sized Ziploc bag. While functional, it’s admittedly an eyesore and hardly the stuff of my organizational dreams.
Aiming to live up to my CheapChicCrafts handle, I scoured my apartment for a recyclable I could spruce up to supplant the plastic bag.
I found a cardboard six-pack beer bottle carrier I’d recently emptied of its contents that held all my needles nicely. Add to that a stack of Anthropologie catalogs I’ve been meaning to use, and I had my latest instructable project.

Step 1: Materials

Cardboard six-pack beer bottle carrier
Magazine/catalog pages you won’t mind cutting up
Glue or glue stick

Step 2: Cut Out Magazine/Catalog Images

I didn’t measure the dimensions of the carrier. Who’s got that kind of time? I merely cut out as many images I thought would suffice to cover the outer surfaces of the carrier. Keep the scraps though. You’ll need them in the next step.
I wanted to keep everything in the knitting family and only chose images of Anthropologie’s knitted items. Who knows, they may serve as inspiration when I reach for my needles.

Step 3: Cover Corners and €œDifficult” Areas

Using the magazine/catalog scraps and your glue or glue stick, cover the corners, folds, and handles of the carrier.

Step 4: Cover Front and Side Panels

Using the wonderful images you’ve chosen from your magazine or catalog, cover the front and side panels of the carrier.

Step 5: Tips

Magazine pages can be thin and prone to ink-bleeding. If using glue, be mindful of not slopping the image cutouts with too much liquid. Doing so will make the final product look messy.

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    3 Discussions

    I love the idea of making a thematic organizer! These could be made and then filled with small items to give to maybe a new neighbor or new parent, or.....?
    Very nice job!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is an awesome idea! I think I'll try this to help my wife with home school. Maybe reinforce the box with duct tape before decorating?