New "airlift in a Bucket" Fountain or Irrigation Technique! Run Several Fountains From 1 Pump

About: I am a stone mason. My hobby is making new solar cooking and gardening stuff. I have used solar heat to cook soil for a couple of years. In mother earth news in January, i read that their compost expert does...

How to do an irrigation system for "pallet gardens" that is driven by an aquarium bubble pump.  Approx 20 litres per hour of air is needed for each airlifter.   Bubble pumps seem to start at about 60 litres per hour.  This reliably pumps to any height between 6 inches and 6 ft. (and probably a lot higher too).  15cm to 2 meters pumping height.   I have been using it since about 4 months now.

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    Rimar, I think patents are the greatest impediment to human progress that there is. It has mentally engineered masses of people to be mean and secretive. Everyone hangs on to their ideas and hides them in the hope of patenting them later. Like Gollum with the ring. And just like Gollum with the ring, it turns you into a twisted nasty old thing with nothing. (And you will not be in any fantasy book either or be in the history books. This thing is "open source" to prevent people patenting minor improvements to it. So folks, if you are thinking of patenting a minor improvement to it, give up on that and just spit out your ideas. Everyone is better off in the long run if people do this! I will have a minor footnote in the history of technology, Anyone can but you have to share and be open to get your name in there.

    Yes, it is as you say, but people is used to the old style. The change will take a little, maybe two or three generations.

    We should note here that the license that I released this with allows anybody to produce it commercially. By all means tweak it too but you are supposed to share your tweaks for the greater good. Tubing and plastics companies take note! It would be good for the company image.