New Bolt-action Knex Rifle

This is my new bolt action. It is based of Zak's mighty ZKAR. I will post if it is wanted.
New bolt action mech
removable magazines
cheek rest
awsome handle
indestructable trigger
uses lots of pieces
no sights (yet)
uses many bendy rods
needs 4 broken parts per mag

Please comment, I will post if people want me to. 



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    Looks good, but in what way is the B-action mechanism new? (Not ment to be mean) Also, what is that ''thing'' under the trigger guard? (red + y-connector)

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    the mech is new in that:
    a: it fires red rods as opposed to yellows
    b: it is removable mag and only the second of that type on ibles
    The "thing" you refer to just makes it more comfy

    were you saying that this was the second removable mag gun on 'ibles??? if so you should really look around before saying things like that. and it's not the second removable mag bolt action on the site either.

    Christ... Forgot i said that lol. I was pretty nooby back then and I hadn't really explored the community. Although that was a year ago and a lot's changed. I'm a big fan btw.

    oh ok. yes, i saw the date, but even then it wasn't very new. nevermind though. thanks! that's always nice to hear. anything you like in particular?

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    A lot of this is just cosmetic mods that aren't really needed or improve on the gun. You don't need to post this.

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    I'll probably post only the new removable mag mechanism then.
    As an aside look out for my turret bow coming soon.