New Born BABY BOOTIES!!!! Quick, Easy and Absolute Beginner Project !!!!

Introduction: New Born BABY BOOTIES!!!! Quick, Easy and Absolute Beginner Project !!!!

This is a quick and easy project which requires just basic knitting skills. So do give it a try as it is a great way to start off making something for your babies while you are expecting or even a good gifting option too... Let's get started !!!

Step 1: Materials Required

You will require
1. yarn of your choice
2. knitting needles
3. scissors
4. needle
In addition to this you would require basic knitting skills like
- Casting on
- knit on technique
- binding off

And that's it... you are all set to create these cute little booties :)

Step 2: Casting On

Tie a slip knot and cast on 38 stitches.

( Note - In this tutorial I am giving the measurements for a new born baby. You can adjust the number of stitches according to the size of your choice...)

Step 3: Knitting on and On...

Once your are done casting on, you can start knitting on your first row. You just have to knit every row until you are done knitting a total of 14 rows. This forms the back and top of the booties. So you can adjust the number of rows according to the width you would prefer.

Step 4: First Binding Off...

Once you finished knitting all 14 rows, in the next step you will have to bind off the first 14 stitches.
Then continue knitting the remaining row.
Now again bind off the first 14 stitches and then knit on the remaining row.
So finally you will be left with only 10 stitches.

Step 5: Knitting Again

Now you are left with 10 stitches. Continue knitting them for 14 rows.
( This forms the base of the foot of the baby)

Step 6: Final Bind Off...

After knitting 14 rows of 10 stitches , bind off.
You will have your final piece in the shape that looks similar to letter "T" . Secure the it with a knot and cut off the yarn leaving a few inches long yarn for sewing all the ends.

Step 7: Sewing It All Up...

Bring the left arm of the T over the base of the T and sew it up. Now being the second arm over the other and see it again... Sew the open sides.
Reverse the whole piece inside out and stretch the whole thing a little by putting your fingers in to give it the shape of a bootie.
Yaayyy!!! your cute booties are all ready.
You can go all creative by embellishing them the way you like or just leave them as they are...(I tried making small crochet hearts...) I feel they look cute either ways.

I hope the tutorial was helpful. Do like ,share and comment if you loved it. Thank you.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    So cute! Very nicely done. Thank you for sharing this great tutorial!

    art freak 9
    art freak 9

    Reply 5 years ago

    thank you so much. It was a pleasure for me too