New Kind of Paracord Pouch




Introduction: New Kind of Paracord Pouch

Hey Guys thanks for checking out my Instructable. This is my 2nd one

Just so you know this not on how to make this pouch. I just want to see what the feedback is like

If i get a lot of people asking me to make a step by step Instructable i will

2nd i did design this pouch back in march of 2014. This is my own design as far as i know no one else has made this kind of pouch.I may be wrong.

A vote for this in the outdoor survival contest would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Shadowhunter out.

oh ya almost forgot. I don't have a name for the pouch yet so if you have a name for it be sure to let me know!

Step 1:

the pouch its self is about five inches long. It can be extended as long as you want. the opening is about a inch wide that can also be extended

Step 2:

This knife is about four and a half inches long. As you can see it fits snugly in the pouch.

You can also put some candy in it for all your sweet tooth needs. Umm lets see you can put a small container in there. Oh i know you could put some paracord in your paracord pouch, perfect idea! The list goes on and on. Ok lets get back to the subject, The little loops at the top can be used to connect the pouch to a backpack via a carbiner clip. Plus the pouch can be taken apart to have like 30 feet of paracord. And its really simple to make. So if i get lot of feedback on this ill show you how to make it!



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    Make a long one and it could be an outer sling /scabbard for a sword

    I would love to see how this was done...

    For a name, how about the "four-split pouch weave"?

    how about the shadowhunter3... pouch. I guess idk a good name for it :(

    Make it!!!! Please :)

    Awww Come on. You know we want to know how. Great Job. I was wanting this the other day, so can my feedback count for more than one?

    1 reply

    Thanks for the feedback! And yes your feedback can count for more then one!

    Awesome job and very creative. Call it the squid or cuddle fish. The way it opens up looks like the tentical.

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