New Options for the Pallet Garden.

So I chose to make a pallet garden, but I decided to do it a bit differently. This method uses less soil, and is overall lighter than the common type. This can be made entirely by hand, or you can use power tools. After finding a pallet you will need to remove every other board, leaving one at the top and bottom. If you can, save the boards you remove, odds are that you can use them in the next step. When you are removing boards, check to make sure each board has one on the back that lines up with it, these will be used to make your shelves. Measure the area between the outside support board's inside edge to the inside edge of the support board through the center. Use the boards you removed if possible to cut 6 boards out. Secure these boards into place along the bottom edge with either nails or screws. To make this easier turn your pallet upside down if you want a certain edge on top. For your bottom edge it is easier to attach a board the length of the entire pallet. You now have eight sections to fill with soil and plant either seeds or purchased plants in. 

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This seems so simple and yet a great idea, but to grow your plants effectively, you would have to stack at least two like this, because otherwise the roots just wouldn't have enough room, unless you tilled up the ground beneath, I suppose.


    6 years ago

    What an awesome idea. Thanks!