New Turret Rifle.





Introduction: New Turret Rifle.

About: Your probably thinking that im nuts liking math but i like the challenge and i have a REALLY mathematical mind with almost no imagination so i like something that is concrete and that i know will be the same...

just a good rifle

100+ foot range with finned ammo
 80 foot range with oodamo
new trigger
comfy handle
Looks Awesome! ( Acording to Visper123)

Both range tests where with two bands shot flat.

only 8 shots
generic stock

if 5 people ask to have it posted then i will



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    Or we could notice that was in no way malicious and accept the constructive criticism: this is in no way new and innovative, a TR8 will perform just as well.

    Neither of which will affect the function of the gun. The trigger on the original worked fine, so why do you need a new one?

    The trigger could affect the gun depending on how far back it blocks the ram, and it was new and i thought it was neat. if every one used the same triger on each gun there would be no point to having diferent guns out there.
    The handle thing could be argued all day but the main thing is, This handle is at the natural angle that you hand rests at so it would help you be more accurate than with the tr

    Yes, but the TR8 default trigger blocks the ram at the ideal point. If it was any further back then the ram would have virtually no grip on the barrel and fail/bend. The hand can rest in pretty much a 90 degree range. Look at the M1 garand or the Springfield, a lot of guns like that have handles at about 10 degrees off horizontal. It doesn't affect it too much.

    Look at the instructions on my acount this blocks the ram the sam distance back.
    This has a PISTOL grip and the handle is at the best angle. hold out you hand and pretend you are griping a pistol. where you hand rests is prety much the angle that this handle is at.

    What's the point in having an outstretched arm comfort when you have a stock? Or vice versa.

    For me that is the most comftorable angle no matter what.

    No more arguing. I like my gun and if you dont like it you dont have to comment on it or build it.

    See, the whole point I was making was constructive criticism. Even that, you can't take. I was suggesting that what you have done should be improved by more innovative design, but if you can't take it, that's fine.

    Constructive critisism is when you try to help someone improve on their gun. not when you try to prove that the TR is better than my gun. also constructive critisism offers sugestions not just saying that another gun is better. you need to say how the other gun is better or why this is bad. Bug/problem reports are good to.
    Thanks for the attempt at constructive critism anyways. : )

    As far as i can read all you did was ask questions and tell me that the TR was better than this. What did you thank was wrong with this?

     OR  if you just wanted to mess around and youve have already built a tr...


    btw awesome job 5 stars!