Newly Designed Catapult Mark-1

Introduction: Newly Designed Catapult Mark-1

This catapult looks different from most but dont underestimate it.It shot balls of tac around 25ft across a room without rubber bands.

Step 1: The Pieces

5 gray spacers and 1 blue spacer
7 red rods
4 blue rods
7 white rods
1 dark blue rod
2 purple connectors
4 red connectors
4 green connectors
2 small black connectors
2 yellow rods

Step 2: The Legs

Make two of the leg sets and then put them aside.

Step 3: The Arm

Make this it should be very easy if you look at the picture below then put it aside.

Step 4: Put the Arm Together

Alright now put the arm on the yellow rod as bellow then add the necesary spacers on each side.then put purple spacers on the end.

Step 5: Now for the Stopping Arms

Okay now build this.

Step 6: Time to Put It All Together

Time to take all the pieces you made then setaside to make the make it please refer down to the picture.

Step 7: How to Fire

You can fire this by pushing down on the blue rod as hard as you want.

Step 8: Have Fun

Hey private message me if you dont get something or you want mods cause i have a few mods for it to shoot farther and faster and a few other mods see ya have fun.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    thanks guys im alot better with ballistics and stuff balls of tac like the ofice tac blue stuff if you dont have that you can use clay from michels


    12 years ago on Introduction

    nice! but what do you mean with 'balls of tac'? i don't understand that. anyway, my rate is 3.5