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I got sick of walking passed the pile of newspapers next to the fireplace and accidentally knocking them and having them fall all over the floor. So I decided to make something to hold them that will keep them neat and be a little feature to the room.

Step 1: The Design

I got out the paper and pencil and started drawing up some ideas. I also wanted to add my own little touch to the ends. I decided to make a dead tree out of round bar. An wanted to put some mini corrugated iron on it somewhere too.

Step 2: Tools and Materials.

You will need:
Angle grinder
Cutting discs, flap disc/grinding disc
Tape measure
Safety glasses

20x20x1.6mm shs
6mm round bar
Mini corrugated iron
20x3mm flat mild steel

Step 3: Cutting and Welding.

Cut all the bits to make the frame for the holder. Then make the 2 ends as one piece first. Join them together with 2 bits which will make the bottom. Then add on the 4 short side sections.(in the first few pics the tree isn't actually welded in yet)

Step 4: Making the Tree

Now the frame is almost done time to get started on making the tree. I got a few pieces of paper and made them the same size as the space it was going on the frame. Then free the tree on it to use as a template for bending the 6mm round bar.

To bend the round bar I put a little mark with a white marker and went to the vice and pull/pushed the round bar in the direction I needed. Keep doing that and after sometime you have a tree.

I tacked up the tree while it was still on the paper which wasn't the best idea because paper and hot molten balls of steel don't mix and ended up burning the paper, but manages to get both trees done from it.

Step 5: Last Few Bits to Add

I added in the bits of 20x3mm FMS into the 4 short sides to hold the mini corrugated iron. They will get riveted in once it's powder coated. Also added 3 bits of 20x20x1.6mm SHS to the bottom to keep the newspaper in the frame.
I also put a short piece of 20x20x1.6mm SHS under each corner as feet to keep it slightly off the ground.

Step 6: The Clean Up

I used a flap disc on the grinder to grind back all the welds on the outside to make it look nicer when it's finished. And cleaned off all the weld spatter with a scraper, hammer and chisel.

Now it's all ready to be sent to the sandblaster and powder coaters.

Step 7: Cutting the Mini Orb

Before I sent the frame to the powder coaters I cut out the pieces of mini orb (or mini corrugated iron) to go in the 4 small sides.

Once they were cut I had to notch out where the welds were so they could sit flat against the flat bar. I also pre drilled the holes so that I wouldn't scratch the frame when it was powder coated.

Step 8: The Finished Product

All nice and shiny! Keeps the newspapers nice and neat and don't have to worry about the falling all over the floor now!!

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    5 years ago

    Hi laksy123 you will need about 8.2 meters of 25mmx25mmx1.6mm. I already had sheets of the mini corrugated iron and lots of short offcuts of the round bar to make the trees. Just depends on the design you want to put in the ends as to how much material you will need.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    It is really amazing. Can you please let us know the measurements? Meaning how much of each sheet to be purchased?


    5 years ago

    I don't throw them in the rubbish because I use them to start the fire on cold winter days.
    Thanks for the suggestion I will do that.


    5 years ago

    Not to criticize, but wouldn't it be easier to just throw them in the trash or donate to your local recycling center?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I bet if you put a really nice photo of the finished piece up as a lead image you'd get a lot of people looking at it. ;)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! I like the decorative elements you added. So often these days you see stuff that is supposedly 'designed' and 'modern', seems like all that means anymore is that meaning is stripped away. Thanks for sharing this!