Newspaper Side Table in Cardboard!




About: Artist-designer, Aline upcycles cardboard and turns it into unique furniture, home décor and visual displays, inspiring people to create more sustainable art.

That begins with the wish to replace my baskets (turned upside down) which served as side tables in my formal living.
I wanted something curved but not too much – because my husband prefers square and angled stuff – small, but with storage space for blankets…

Step 1: Find Out the Internal Structure...

I had no idea how I would do it ! So, I made a really small one (you still see the glue filament) ! For the anecdote, my daughter reused it to a “Playmobil furniture”!

This copy in scale gave me a good idea of the furniture’s skeleton. Let’s get to work!

Step 2: Cut the Profiles

The first step is to find cardboard in good shape. Trace and cut out 4 profiles.

Step 3: The Feet...

Next, I used the “fitting” technique. This technique involves cutting out crosspieces of the same depth and stick them perpendicularly to 2 profiles. I did that twice and obtained that :

Step 4: Build It...

Next step, I assembled these 2 new “thicker” profiles and used the same technique to fill the bottom and the top plates.
After checking the furniture is straight and making adjustments when necessary, I covered the sides still empty with pieces of cardboard.

Step 5: Cover the Side, Sand and Set Up Before Decorate

Time now to protect the furniture to give it the chance to wear well!
I had to sand the edges to make them smooth, before waterproofing the whole furniture and protecting every edges applying a gummed tape. Then I covered it all with a finishing layer of Gesso.
While waiting for everything to be completely dry, I made another one!

Step 6: Decoration With Newspaper

Finally, I chose to decorate it mostly with international newspapers and some part with grey paint.

The result is pretty cool, he?

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Happy Cardboarding!



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    9 Discussions

    Mad Props

    1 year ago

    I love the sharp lines. Your precise measurements and cutting technique really finish the table nicely. I'd never know it was cardboard!

    Me robot

    1 year ago

    i am finally making this for my mom!

    i'm 11

    Me robot

    1 year ago

    I favorited because I want to make it if I find enough cardboard!


    2 years ago

    Can you use some varnish or something like that to cover the newspaper? Something transparent to protect it from damage while used?


    3 years ago

    What's a Gesso? What can I substitute it with?

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Hi, Gesso is a paint primer that Artists put their canvas. You can use a regular primer.