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How to weave a leaf out of newspaper tubes.

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Step 1:

Hello everyone!!

Today I'm gonna share how to make a leaf out of newspaper tubes.It looks little bit complicated but trust me guys this is the most easiest craft.You just need to watch the procedure carefully and follow the step.

Things required:

Newspaper tubes



So let's start crafting :)

Step 2:

Take 2 paper tubes and place them in the form of cross.

Step 3:

Now bend one paper tube (i.e behind) to the front side.

Step 4:

The one on the right(i.e behind) bend to opposite side.

Step 5:

The one on the left side,bend it backward and return it in front of the left side.

Step 6:

Now again bend it backward.

Step 7:

Then return to front of the left side and bend it back.

Step 8:

Follow the same procedure for right one.turn it back.

Step 9:

Then return it in front of the right side and bend it bu back.

Step 10:

So this is the whole procedure to weave this newspaper leaf..Follow the procedure and repeat it until you get a leaf shape. Then secure the end by applying glue.After applying acrylic color you can find the leaves are looking so nice and very natural.I call it double sided leaf beacause both the sides look amazing and it can be used on both sides.

Step 11:

Here is the video link of this whole project.This video will help you to learn more fast.Watch out my video tutorial to learn this beautiful paper weaving craft.

Thank you!!

Happy crafting:)

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