Newspaper Stand Furniture

Introduction: Newspaper Stand Furniture

I found this dispenser in the trash near my school. It came with a metal wire stand that i’m going to keep to make a table.
There was no key so I had to drill through the lock. I found about 20$ in quarters and got to see the nifty mechanism that makes everything work. Sadly, its calibrated to accept the weight of two quarters but I played with it and I cannot open the dispenser for 50 cents anymore. I found a way to prevent the door from locking and now I just store my vinyls inside. I built a simple plywood bookcase for it to sit on and it’s at the perfect height for my record player!

I got some really cool Koss speakers that I also found in the trash to fit perfectly on the last shelf. Whenever i get enough records, the shelf is high enough for them to nicely fit in. Soon I might stain the ply or paint it some colour.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I am quite jealous of you. I am now going to search till I find one that I can call my own.