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Nextion Display is very easy to use and easy interface with micro controller's.
With the help of Nextion editor we can configure the display and we can design UI on display.

So based on events or commands Nextion display will act on the to display the programmed commands.
Following is the series of tutorial which will explains how to use Nextion along with arduino and along with any micro controller.

1. Use nextion Editor

2. Flash with USB to Serial

3. Decode the frame and how to form the frame to send to Nextion display using PIC and Arduino

4. Change the font colour and change the text on display

5. Change the pictures on Nextion display

6. Generate QR code on Nextion Display

7. Generate waveform on Display

7. Create animation on Display

8. Project : Home Automation

Step 1: Required Components

Nextion Display on Amazon USA -

Nextion Display on Amazon UK -

Nextion Display on Amazon India -

USB to Serial On Amazon USA -

USB to Serial On Amazon UK -

USB to Serial On Amazon India -

Step 2: Getting Started:

This video will is to know the what is nextion display and what this editor do..

Download the editor from official site,

Step 3: How to Flash the Nextion Display

This video explains to flash the display using SD card and using USB to Serial Converter.
Connection diagram shows how to connect to display with USB to Serial.

Step 4: Decode the Frame and Encode the Frame

This video shows How to decode the frame and how to form the frame to send to Nextion display using PIC or any micro controllers.
Nextion display interface with Arduino is covered in following parts.

Step 5: Font Color, Progress Bar and Commands

This video explains on how to change the font color and how to change the text string on Display.
This video also covers on display progress bar based on given value.

Step 6: Timer, Variable and Change the Picture

This nextion display editor tutorial covers use of picture, commands, internal timer and Variable. This tutorials covers 3 ways of changing images on display. With Timer feature we can develop GIF application on display with sequence of images.

This video covers interface without use of stack or library. In this tutorial PIC controller interface with display using UART.

Step 7: QR Code Generator on Display

This Nextion display tutorial covers how to generate QR code on Nextion display. In this tutorial data being data over serial connection.

This tutorial also covers interface with Arduino pro mini board. Here is code for arduino.

Github location for QR HMI file and Arduino .ino file.

Step 8: Waveform Generation on Display

This tutorial covers to display waveform on nextion display. In this tutorial arduino pro mini board is used to send the data to display.

Step 9: Animation on Display

In this Nextion display tutorial we have created GIF animation application using timer, variable and set of pictures. We have used slider and buttons as well to change the speed and change the timer state respectively.

Nextion display used here is 3.5 inch.

HMI and .TFT file is on github

Step 10: Project : Home Automation

Home Automation display project using Nextion 3.5 inch display and ESP8266.

This project has login page for restricted access to home system. Numeric Keypad based login is used.

Code and TFT file link



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