Neytiri Costume (from Avatar Movie)




Introduction: Neytiri Costume (from Avatar Movie)

Steps to make costume:

1. Feather necklace - Braid hemp string and add bunches of feathers with beads
2. Unitard - Dye unitard blue, paint stripes, glue on rhinestones, sew on stirrups
3. Tail - Paint stripes on fabric, sew and flip inside out, stuff with fluff (keep extra poking out at end), bend hanger and put inside, sew closed, glue rhinestones, pin to unitard
4. Wig - Braid in extra hair to back of long black wig, add braids with beads at end, cut hair to shoulder-length, add blue ears and feathers behind left ear
5. Loin cloth - Sew a flap to just above the knees, hang it on a waistband strap, add a long braid of fabric that falls loosely on left hip, add a string of beads to right side
6. Accessories - use shiny brown material to make upper arm band, 2 wrist cuffs (one is small and one goes to the elbow), and a leg band just below the knee.  Make all slightly different - scrunch some fabric, keep some smooth, add texture/ turn inside out for matte color, etc.  Add bronze gladiator heels, complete with blue toe nail polish.
7. Face - Use Ben Nye Magicake paint in light and dark blue.  Mix with Liquiset and sponge on light blue over entire face, neck, and chest.  Add stripes with a flat paintbrush, pointing towards the nose.  Add small rhinestones with eyelash glue.  Use blue eye shadow to contour eyes and black liquid liner for cat eyes.  Finish with mascara and pink lip gloss.

It was AWESOME to be Neytiri :)

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    This costume was soooooooooo awesome! snobuni23 should go into the costuming business! I can't believe she is an amateur!