Nfc Water Bottle Fill Counter

Introduction: Nfc Water Bottle Fill Counter

Adding a nfc tag to log your daily water intake with your nfc capable device.

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Step 1: Understanding What Nfc Is.

in a short summary, nfc tags are wireless memory cards. they hold a small amount of data. for this project it doesn't need to. I would encourage you to read the wiki on nfc near field communication.

Step 2: The Things You Will Need

you will need your everyday carry water bottle. a phone with nfc capability (sorry iPhone users). nfc tag I got mine on ebay for 4 for $5. I will be using tag with 888 bytes (not a nfc sticker if your using a metal container due to interference with the nfc antenna). the tasker app. the tasker plug in "nfc starter plug in". a nfc read/write app ( I will be using RE>AD ).

Step 3: Setting Up Your Device.

for the screen shots I will be using a Samsung Galaxy s6 with android version 6.0.1.

go to settings by pulling down the top menu. press the gear icon.

scroll down to nfc and payment. if you don't see it press the magnifying glass icon to search for nfc.

turn it on

Step 4: Get the Apps

go to Google play and first search for tasker. now I don't remember how much it costs right off hand but I think it was under $5, but it is worth in for the other things you can do with it.

then search for tasker nfc plug in. scroll down to the one in the picture.

the search for nfc tag writer. choose which ever you want. as for what is needed to do this is just an independent id for the nfc Tag for tasker to recognize it.

Step 5: Set Up the Nfc Tag

for programming the nfc I used the business card option. this is good if you loose your bottle and if you want to share your contact information with others with a tap of the phone. this is very handy if you are out of business cards.

open the app and choose the write menu

choose the business card option and fill out the information you want.

there are options for read and write protection but if you want to use this tag later for a different project don't check any of the boxes.

press the write button. and touch the tag to the back of your phone until it says write success.

If the program says there is not enough space you can go back to the phone number option instead.

now your tag has a id code.

Step 6: Setting Up Tasker to Insert Calender Events When Nfc Is Tapped

open tasker and under profiles hit the + icon and a screen will pop up.

choose event.

in the next menu choose plug in.

choose the nfc starter.

click the pencil on configuration and tap the ncf tag to the phone until it is read. you will see a code near the top of the screen.

go back and a box will pop up to make a new task and name it. when that's done a bunch of options will pop up at the bottom it says filter. enter calendar insert.

from there enter the information from the picture to find which calendar to choose hit the magnifying glass icon it will give you a list of calendars. choose one.

you can change what is entered into your calendar. (at this point you can follow all the previous steps to set of tags to log other activities like snacking, running or other exercises. you can use this with kids to track chores with a shared Gmail calendar.)

when finished go back by pressing the < by the tasker icon on the top of the screen. hit the play icon and if a green dot shows up you did it right. now check your calendar and you should see the entry.

Step 7: Test and Enjoy

just tap you phone on the tag when you fill your bottle. each time you tap it you are given a prompt the read the nfc or use the tasker plug in. if you hit the plug in it works. or to read the information on the tag hit scan new nfc.

BTW tasker needs to be active for this to work. it doesn't take up much power.

I hope you enjoy this project. feel free to ask me questions if you run into problems. also if you are more experienced with tasker and can give some tips, that would be great.

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