Nice Pallet Coffee Table




Introduction: Nice Pallet Coffee Table

I did this table for my break area in my tool crib with palletts, taking care

when taking the pallett apart as the wood is dry and will crack.

The logo was made by reversing an image found on the internet and printing it on wax paper

and imediately transfering it to the bare wood using a piece of plastic ( credit card ).

Step 1:

taking apart carefully....

Step 2:

Triumph motorcycle logo transfer

Step 3:

all done with a few coats of varnish



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    9 Discussions

    I want the instructions on how to make this table

    please update with instructions

    Great work! Very inspiring!

    Great looking table, but these are not directions. Please update.


    2 years ago

    I was hoping it would explain how to do the legs..

    The design is simple enough for a seasoned builder but needs more detailed instructions for a moderate or novice builder.

    Thanks for the submission! Great looking table.

    I love the look of the table but would you mind putting in a few more directions for the casual woodworker, please?