Nice and Cheap Cooking Bell Lid or Melting Dome for the Plancha and the BBQ



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A cooking bell lid is a nice add-on to your plancha or BBQ. It can be used as a melting dome for a nice cheese burger but is also very convenient to increase heat and keep moist around the food you are cooking.
This instructable shows how to make one from a stainless steel bowl and a piece for wood for the handle.


What you need:

  • a stainless steel bowl (Ikea is a good source with various sizes. I took an 11")
  • a stainless steel screw
  • a piece of wood for the handle


  • drill
  • saw and sanding paper
  • optional: a lathe

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Step 1: Shape the Piece of Wood...

Based on your design, your tools set and skills...
My first handle was shaped with a saw from a piece of beech, I now have a lathe and like turning so I turned this last one from a block a olive wood.

Pre drill the handle will a smaller diameter than your screw.

Step 2: Drill the Bowl in the Center

Screw the bowl and the handle together

Et voila! Take your kitchen skills to the next level and enjoy new recipes on your plancha.

Some ideas:

  • marinate a pork filet mignon (in one piece) or chicken legs with olive oil ginger garlic curry and curcuma powder. Meduim to slow cook on the plancha under the dome.
  • duck breast : cook 8 minutes with skin on the plancha with high heat, then 4 minutes under the dome at low heat.
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    6 Discussions


    4 days ago

    Love the idea as I usually use a pot lid, but that squishes the item sometimes underneath - especially if you're making a Dagwood Bumstead sandwich on the grill! So simple a solution - rocks!


    4 days ago

    Another way to do this is use a magnet with a store bought knob with a metal washer glued to it. This way you can still use the bowl as a mixer anytime


    5 days ago

    Excellent idea! and thinking out of the box - thanks for the instructable.


    Tip 5 days ago

    It will add a little to the cost, but if you don't have a lathe you can buy various size and shape wood knobs at your hardware store or home center.


    22 days ago

    Ooooohh! Great idea. Need to go to the thrift store and find a metal bowl :D

    1 reply