Nick Fight Suit

My name is nick The picture over the nick fight suit is what it will look like when you are done. I will only be making lego people because I don't make other stuff that good. My first product is the nick fight suit. He can do flips he can punch and he can use his sword. I think he is really cool enjoy!!!! Ps this is my first try if I mess up please don't be mad!! Pps doc123 is my brother!!!


Step 1: Gray Atlantans Pants

Step 2: Gray Atlantans Shirt

Attach it to the pants

Step 3: Ninjago Gray Sholdor Outline

Put it on the body

Step 4: Ninjago Jay Head

Put it on the body and the sholdor outline

Step 5: Lava Power Miners Helmet

Put it on the head

Step 6: Sword

Put it on the back



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