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Introduction: Nick Valentine Face Paint

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Hey guys! So I went to VidCon and decided to paint myself up one of the three days and walk around. I had a blast! This is the look I did (hint: background is a hotel room) and I also filmed me walking around! So be sure to check out both videos! You can also subscribe to my youtube page and help me make this my career! just go here

Thank you to everyone who has been with me so far! Your support means the world to me. =D

Step 1: Random

So I did wear yellow contacts, I also blocked out my eyebrows with Elmers glue and I had this cool hat on. (I wore a costume sense I was going to be walking around and painting it on just wouldn't work for that long of a time.)

Step 2: Getting Started

So I made my prosthetic using clay and letting it dry, then I put liquid latex over it. I used about 6 layers and powdered it down before taking it off the clay.

I used liquid latex to place it on my skin and then went around the edges to make sure it would stay on all day.

I used a white eyeliner pencil to sketch out where I wanted the open holes to be then used cotton balls and tore them up into strips and put them on top of the line with more liquid latex. This will make the skin look ripped.

Step 3: Gray!

Using a watered down gray body paint (mine is from Mehron) I placed that all over the face an neck and just a little on my chest. (Again I'm wearing a costume so I don't need much more then that.)

Step 4: Face Details

I used brown eye shadow (from BH) to do the face details. I was looking at a reference photo the whole time, to break it down he has smile lines, bags under his eyes, dark eye lids, a slightly fatter nose then mine, a scar on his top lip, and a scar on his cheek that's not ripped open. You can use more then one brown, but I just stuck with one. Keep in mind is features don't stick out TO much.

Step 5: Random Detail

I ripped up a sponge and dipped it in black body paint and lightly patted it around the face. I also used a gray lipstick (by NYX) on my lips so that I could reapply it easier if I was to eat or anything at Vidcon.

Step 6: Open Hole

I used silver body paint on the prosthetic and to add some plates behind it (Mehron brand again) then I used black body paint (Mehron) to fill in the rest. I made sure to outline the whole thing to start the shadowing.

Step 7: Other Details

I used black eye shadow to deepen any shadows. Then I used black body paint to add more details I saw fit. I did the same with the hole on the neck .



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    Amazing! Glad you had fun! Thanks for sharing with the community! Voted!

    an epic makeup job of an equally epic character. nicely done!

    1 reply

    I love your ibles! This one made me
    From. Awesome job as always!

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    an epic makeup job of an equally epic character. nicely done!

    Grin. Not from. Auto correct Hayes me