Nickel Anode for Electroplating

Introduction: Nickel Anode for Electroplating

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This instructable shows how to make a nickel anode for electroplating for use with A_Steingrub's Nickel Electroplating Method, It works well for oddly shaped pieces such as these 1" ingots.
  1. Clamp the piece between two pieces of wood. Wood is a poor heat conductor so it will be easier to heat it.
  2. File the piece so that it has a flat top. This will make it easier to drill.
  3. Center-punch the nickel with a carbide scribing tool, steel may work, but nickel is a tough metal.
  4. Drill a hole 1/8" to 1/4" into the nickel, use cutting/cooling fluid.
  5. Clean the hole with a paper towel and acetone.
  6. Put a ball of flux-core solder into the hole.
  7. Heat the nickel until solder is liquid Be careful not to point the flame at the wood.
  8. Insert a wire which has been partially stripped of insulation.
  9. When bonded, use water to cool the nickel. This will prevent insulation from melting.
  10. Remove flux / stains using a metal brush.
  11. Lightly heat the nickel so that hot glue melts on it.
  12. Melt hot-glue near the wire-nickel junction to seal it.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I hadn't thought of using hot glue as a sealer/insulator, good call