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A nifty salt shaker just outta a little box...go on, shake it!

Step 1: Buy a Box of Tic Tac

Just go down to ur nearest shop which sells Tic Tacs and buy one...if u like blue, buy mint...if u like orange buy orange...etc etc...just basically buy ur favvy flavor and coloured box...

Step 2: Eat Wuts Inside the Box...'s the laid back bit...simply eat all the tic tacs. If you need a hand with that...just stand in the playground and hold it out in front of u, i'm sure kids would love to have a free tic tac. o, and don't swallow down the whole bunch of it in one go, i don't want to cause an accident for people who wants a nifty salt shaker.

Step 3: Customizing Ur Nifty Salt Shaker...

Now there's the bit where u'll need a lot of care...
CAREFULLY peel off the stickers from the box (ok...if you like ur sticker, keep it on)...
u may notice that the lid's not so secured in place now...but thats ok...cuz ur gonna put a niftier sticker of ur choice on it...right?
if the stickers still aren't satisfying you...take out your marker pen (black is by far my favvy style on a blue box i must say...) and draw...yes, show ur artistic talents to the whole table at dinner...don't be shy!

Step 4: Add Salt

Add the salt into the box...or ground pepper if you wish...just any powdery, small granully things u wanna shake out of the box with great style...
Don't ur stickers and designs look just so chilled out on the box...

Step 5: Shake Away!

To use ur new nifty salt shaker, just press the flap inwards as show below and shake it in the position as show below.

Tip: to prevent your salt getting all clogged up in ur new salt shaker, roast some rice raw until they are slightly tanned and add some into the shaker to prevent your salt shaker all caked with salt...



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    12 years ago

    very creative, i will definatly try it because its so cheap and cool! definatly 2 thumbs up! hmmm one thing that you could do instead is take like a nail and lightly mage some holes so you wont have to hold the lid but that is just a suggestion.

    1 reply

    Reply 12 years ago

    thx lots :P...4gotten my ac stuff...have to make a new one...but yea... coolbies! holes and flap! that works...u can sprinlkle...or u can pour! AWESOME!