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Introduction: Night Cabinet

About: Hi, I'm Jovan but everybody calles my John. By profession I'm a graduate technician of mechatronics and by passion deeply in love with everything that's DIY; from woodworking to electronics and cooking.

Ello guys, this is my first instructabl and my main imagination and idea came from my lovely girlfriend.She has a lot of books and doesnt know where to put them so i thought why not night cabinet.
And another reasons why i started making one is that i love woodworking and specially love to make her happy with this kind of things.
I think its really cheap to build and doesnt need some professional skills to make it.Of course ill give you list of parts and tools available on the internet.

Step 1: Parts & Tools

All these parts and tools you can certainly find at your local hardware store but besides that i've put an ebay link of parts.
Parts:- Plywood plates 20mm thickness

- Pozi head wooden screws 20 & 40 mm long

- Sandpaper 240P

-Pair of a drawer rails(runners) 25cm long *this is a link for 35cm cause i couldnt find 25cm

- Edge banding 20mm

-*Body filler (optional if your plywood has some damage or scratches)

- Nitro thinner 0.5l

- Nitro (fast drying) paint,i chose red and white

- Adjustable cabinet plastic legs 4 pieces

- Glue, which is optional if you dont have a edgebanding tool or clothes iron.

- Shelf pins

Tools: - Battery Drill
- Jig Saw
- Electric Sander

- Spray gun

- Measuring tape

- Cutting knife

- Metal ruler

- Plastic mallet..

- Chisel and leveling tool (optional)
- Drill bits 4 & 9 mm

Step 2: Making a Cabinet Body

When you have your parts & tools all together, it's time to make a cabinet. Whole part consists of 3 main parts: - Cabinet body

- Drawer

- Inner shelf (optional)

Now lets get cutting.First you need to cut top & bottom of a cabinet and then two sides.Cut two plates 40x30cm and 60x30cm and mark holes for wooden screws,use 4mm drill bit for 4 holes at each side.After drilling with 4mm replace it with 9mm bit and spread the holes. Put down the screws, so the top sticks out of the plate.
Carefully align top or bottom and side of a cabinet,so you can mark holes with plastic mallet knocking on the top of the side so you can see where your drilling. I hope you can understand it.
After that screw the whole thing up and do it for another se. Tada now you have a cabinet body,well almost.
Part which i forgot to mentioned is a back of a cabinet .
You can make it from plywood or other thinner wood,you choose. Measurements of back plate are 55/55.5 x40 cm;55.5 if your doing with 20mm thick plywood.

Step 3: Making a Drawer

Now its time to make the main part of a cabinet, a Drawer.

First lets cut the sides of a drawer,with measurements of 27x15cm. Drill the the holes,put the screws down just like in the previous step;its easy ain't it ? And there comes this little tricky part of setting the drawer rollers on the body.

Measure 2cm from the edge of plywood and thats where our end of the roller will be; I said it will be tricky.Mark and drill the holes,and you have a finished part. Do it for another one.
The same principle is for the back of a drawer (33x15cm),you know it : mark,drill & put together.Not as bad as it seems.

Now when you have it all combined it's time to make the bottom of a drawer (38x27cm),which you can make it from thinner plywood or some other wood. The boring part is that you need to reassemble the roller,put the back and then assemble it all over again.

When we have our half-way finished drawer,we shall screw down another half of a roller in to the main body,just like in the pictures. Use the measuring tape and mark 15cm from the top and 2cm from the side and that the place where our roller should be. Drill it and screw it down, job done. When you finish it all, it should look just like the pictures.
Cut down the front of a drawer (44x20cm) and put it down on the body,carefully aligning all the edges with the front. Mark & drill it and putt it all together.
Finally of drawer is completee. YES!

Step 4: Making Inner Shelf (optional)

Making inner shelf of a night cabinet is optional,cause it all depends on if you have some books or some other stuff to put it on or it looks great to you without a shelf.
If you want to make one,lets do it.Cut down the panel,measurements of 26x39.5cm. But before doing so, you need mark where your shelf on the body will be.
Measure 20cm from the bottom and pull a line,do it to the other side,and then drill 3 holes on each side with depth of a half of centimeter,so you can put shelf pins in them. Accordingly it should look same as in the pictures.

Put down plate and your inner shelf is ready.

Step 5: Adding Cabinet Legs

Cabinet will be more cute with some legs,right? So adding some isn't difficult,all you need to do is mark the place,drill a hole for leg nut,and do it for other 3 legs, just as shown on pictures.
Now you have a cute night cabinet.

Step 6: Finishing Step

Finally it's finished. Sand it,so the paint stick to it firmly and it'll give that shiny paint look. Protect areas which you want to paint with some newspaper and tape. Paint it, dry it, and assemble it; after that glue down edge banding.
Our night cabinet is done. If you reached to these step then your awesome,congrats.
I would love see your night cabinets and to hear what you think about it. :)

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    That looks nice! I love the contrasting red and white :)