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here is a mod on how to make a double springed night finder with better o-rings.

items needed:
Night Finder
a 4-6kg load spring or one out of a buzz bee twin tek
Vaseline or other lubricant(wd-40 etc.)


now go ahead an take apart the gun.

you will need a screw that is the same length a the night finders, but preferably with less width. i used the one out of a buzz bee twin tek (you buy it in a two pack) i did this because it was broken.

place the BB spring (or whatever spring you have inside the NF and place to the side

Step 2: O-Rings

Now to replace the o-rings

just follow the pictures.

you dont have to put 3 o-rings on it just worked well for me.

now lubricate the barrel

Step 3: Re-assemble

now go ahead and re assemble. this mod should have at least doubled your range. it now shoots between 50-70ft(16-20meters flat. possibly more.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    1.Vaseline and wd40 are horrible lubricants for nerf guns. They both degrade rubber rather quickly. Which means your O rings will wither away to nothing and you'll lose your seal. The two best lubricants to use are silicon grease and Lithium grease (both readily available at your local hardware store). These are rubber friendly lubricants that most modders swear by.

    2. Three O rings seems like overkill to me, but I won't knock it if it works for you. But you should really add your teflon tape under the O rings, not on top. The violent motion of the plunger slamming forward can cause the tape to unravel, again ruining your seal.

    3. You can gain a small increase in range by removing the air restrictors, either with a drill or some hot water and a lot of patience.

    4. Painting any toy gun black is a very bad idea. What happens if the wrong person sees you playing with it? Even painted black, a Nitefinder doesn't look like a real gun up close. But from 20+ feet away, all anyone is going to see is someone brandishing a pistol-shaped object in an aggressive manner.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Painting a toy gun black is not a bad idea if you paint the muzzle/barrel orange. Orange is the national color for "fake guns"


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    also i said Vaseline or other lubricant (wd-40) that means it could be any lubricant.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    well with the o-rings i just put three on cause it sems to work well for me. i also use things like olive oil for lubricant and there really the only three lubricants i had so thats why i used them. i know about removing air restrictors. and for the black look, i just think it looks better painted, plus i wouldnt go walking around my neighborhood with a black nightfinder.

    is the yellow square around the spring just say spring and nothing else. i cant drag my mouse over it. the other two squeares are in the way.

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