Night Lamp

Introduction: Night Lamp

Resting at night is the need for the body to get back fit for its activity the next morning. So that you sleep soundly without being disturbed by the lights that are too bright, let's make a night lamp without having to pay a lot of money


Things You'll Need
1. Tumblr lamp
2. Ice cream stick
3. Glue
4. Greaseproof paper

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Step 1:

-For the lamp base, use glue and ice cream sticks then glue them one by one until they form a square.

Step 2:

-Stick the sticks with one another to make the pole on the four sides.
-Make four poles then stick in a standing position on a square.

Step 3:

-Cut the stick according to the picture for use as a base for the roof.

Step 4:

-Cut the sticks and glue them together to form a triangle like the one in the picture.
-Take a few sticks and cut them into small pieces and then stick it to the bottom of the roof that we made.

Step 5:

-Cut the stick into smaller sizes and stick it to cover the distance on the roof.
-Stick to cover all roof areas.

Step 6:

-Use greasproof paper, scissors according to the size of the box in the picture.
-Make four pieces of paper and cover the four sides of the square.

Step 7:

-Put the tumblr light on the box.
-You can use any color tumblr lamp, according to your taste
-Turn on the tumblr light and your sleep light is ready.

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