Night Lamp DIY Project With Eggs




Introduction: Night Lamp DIY Project With Eggs

Night Lamp DIY Project With Eggs

Hi, this project was on the, i wanted to share with you too, i hope you will like,

Step 1:

LED night lamp in this site you can make your own with eggs, light project. Decorative light or night light made ​​using raw eggs. LEDs with different colors can be made.

Those who needed; led lamp color LED lamp with an electronic circuit is required to run and 1 raw egg.

Step 2:

First of all LED lamp will enter at the top of the egg until the opening hole. This hole in the egg yolk liquid and remove. Burst out with the help of a small needle through the hole in the yolk alone to bring.

if we choose LED lamp color changing leds can get good results with a circuit accordingly.

Step 3:

After these operations and build into the egg with LED lamp circuit. And the project has been completed.

What do you think, its easy isnt it? Please be carefull when you drill the top of the egg, do not forget to be carefully everytime.



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    5 Discussions

    simple and good

    Very nice! I'd love to make a whole basket or carton of eggs that change colors - independently or as a whole flock.

    That's the easiest one I have saw no Inscrutable, also is great idea!

    Only the white one? How about other color's eggs?

    ...or a Ping-Pong ball