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Do you need a colorful night light, or just a simple weekend project to pass the time? Then this instructable is for you. This project is fun to build for all ages. It's a simple but very cool design in the end.

All you need to build your own night light is:

Arduino (1)


Three resistors (220 ohm)

One resistor (10K ohm)

button (1)

AC adapter (should convert to 5V DC)

USB cable (A to B connector)

breadboard or PCB

Various wires

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Step 1: Build the Circuit

First, we'll add the rgb led and the resistor. Then connect the button and the resistor. You can follow this link to view how to wire up the circuit. Once everything is wired up you can add extension wires to the button so it's not connected to the breadboard. Glue the button in place on the project box.


Step 2: Adding the Project Box

If you don't have a project box, a small cardboard box will do just fine. First, take your usb cable and glue it to the box (USB end glued, not the other end). Drill a small hole into the box. add your arduino in the box then position the breadboard so the RGB led fits into that hole we drilled out. After that, connect the AC adapter to the usb cable and tape the box so none of the electronic components fall out.

Now, plug in the nightlight and you should see a color. Watch this video to see how to operate the night light.

Youtube Video

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