Night Out Make Up Purple Eyes

Introduction: Night Out Make Up Purple Eyes

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This could be recreated for a night out or prom.

1. I started off by priming my face with Maybelline instant pore eraser primer.

2. I then used the Maybelline dream satin in 40 fawn foundation with a stippling brush not forgetting to make sure it is all blended in especially around the neck.

3. I then went onto the eyes and used the bh cosmetics social occasion palette. I first used the white to put onto my lids with a flat eye shadow brush. Then using a fluffy brush i blended the purple into the crease.

4. I then added mascara and then fake lasses to finish off my eyes

5. Next was concealer. I used the eye eraser Maybelline and a concealer i got from a random shop not sure of name.

6. I then contoured my face using the seventeen define & contour kit

7. The using a blush brush i added a nice pink colour from the blush from bh cosmetics to my cheeks.

8. Lastly i used my favorite pink lipstick with favorite gloss

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    That was an interesting technique you used with the triangles of foundation under your eyes. I'll have to try that. Do you have a list of makeups that you used for this look? Thanks!

    Danielle Scott Makeup
    Danielle Scott Makeup

    Reply 5 years ago

    Hi. Thank you. So glad you liked it. The products i used was maybelline instant pore eraser primer , maybelline dream satin in 40 fawn, for eyes a used the bhcosmetics soecial occasion pallette, concealer was the rye eraser maybelline and a conceler i got from a random shop not sure of name, seventeen define & contour kit, blush from bhcosmetics and any pink lipstick with fav gloss xx