Night Out Pink Smokey Eye

Introduction: Night Out Pink Smokey Eye

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1. First I prime my face with maybelline pore eraser.

2.Then use the maybelline dream satin liquid foundation and apply that to my face making sure there are no harsh lines.

3. I then conceal and highlight my face using the maybelline fit me concealer and then set this using the laura mercier powder.

4. I then contour my face using the define and conquer contour kit.

5. For my eyes i use a white base all over the lid then apply a pink eye shadow to the lid also. I then blend a brown colour into the crease and a black shade into the corner of the eye then blend this out to the crease. These colours are from bh cosmetics special occasions palette. I then apply mascara and lashes to finish off the eyes.

6. Then use a blush from bh cosmetics palette to my cheeks.

7. I then use maybelline colour drama to my lips to finish this look off.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    love this! shame I don't have a mirror in my caravan, had to use the back of a spoon, didn't come out great.


    5 years ago

    May be you're born with it! Hahaa